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Cornerstone Care, 

Smile for Life

Smile for Life is a program of Cornerstone Care working with the Tri County Oral Health Task Force to improve the oral health of children residing in Greene, Fayette and Washington Counties. 


Join us in the fight against cavities and
oral health disease. 
  • The need for oral health care is one of the greatest unmet needs among children.

  • An estimated 51 million school hours per year are lost due to dental-related illness.

  • Early tooth loss caused by dental decay can result in failure to thrive, impaired speech development, absence from and inability to concentrate in school, and reduced self esteem.

  • Children who take a test while they have tootaches are unlikely to score as well as those children who are undistracted by pain. 

  • When children's acute dental problems are treated and they are not experiencing pain, their learning and school attendance records improve.


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